Welcome to Major Hykr. We appreciate your taking the time to visit us and read our articles. It is our hope that you find something helpful to you as you prepare for your outdoor adventure. 

The Author

My name is Bill and I established Major Hykr as a creative outlet to chronicle my outdoor interests and adventures. I am a retired military officer, husband and dad. My current residence is in the beautiful state of Texas near the Rio Grande River and the New Mexico border. 

Looking forward to seeing you out on the trail!

Our Mission:

The mission of Major Hykr is to provide information and tips on outdoor activities, wilderness safety and survival, gear and equipment, and other topics of interest to backpackers, hikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our Purpose:

The 4 Core Areas of Major Hykr:

  • Educate: Developing knowledge on the Outdoors and Outdoor Activities
  • Prepare: Preparing the mind, body, spirit, and equipment for outdoor activities.
  • Train: Developing personal field craft through education and collaborative information sources.
  • Enjoy: Enabling enjoyment of the outdoors through information and awareness

Other Ways To Engage Major Hykr: 

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Interested in having gear or products reviewed?

Gear Review Policy: 

Major Hykr will write reviews on outdoor-related products in a fair and unbiased manner. Our approach to is to limit our reviews to products that are relevant to backpacking or outdoor use.

Most of the written gear reviews on this blog site pertain to gear that I personally own or have researched. Therefore, I will write reviews without prior notification to the vendor on the gear or products that I have purchased and own. We reserve the right to decline to review any gear or products when contacted. 

If you are interested in having your gear or products reviewed, please e-mail Bill on the Contact page with your contact information, information on the product(s), and time you would like the review completed. 

Firearms Review Policy: 

Major Hykr WILL NOT ACCEPT OR REVIEW any products related to firearms to include firearms. Our primary focus is Backpacking and Hiking activities. Thank you for respecting our wishes.

Affiliate Program Policy: 

Major Hykr IS NOT ASSOCIATED with any affiliate marketing program. We have no interest in being associated with any affiliate marketing program. Additionally, we DO NOT HAVE a web-based profit-sharing store such as those offered on Amazon or eBay.

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